About Us

Calcutta Trending is dedicated to spreading Bengali culture and Kolkata heritage across the world. Kolkata means city of heritage. This is our motive to spread this 21st century to the digital world, all over the world including other cities in India. We share A to Z of Kolkata and to form the best of Bengal. There are many foods, arts, news in Bengal which are elusive or unknown to many people, we will highlight them through Calcutta Trending. Apart from ancient history about Kolkata, it also informs current trending topics. We try to present the amalgamation of the two in a new way. Calcutta Trending combine you with the emotions of the city. That's why we say let's explore Kolkata with us.

What We Offer :

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Public Reactions
  • Event Promotions

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